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Government Of Assam Environment & Forest Pollution Control Board

Environmental Awareness

Since 1986 the Pollution Control Board, Assam has been giving top priority to the problem of pollution and other malpractices harming the environment. In this respect the awareness programmes launched by the Pollution Control Board, Assam are in the nature of formal as well as non-formal education. Under the programme the following activities have been carried out in the state:

  • Introduction of 32 lessons on environment and pollution control in school syllabi starting from Class-I to X. The lessons have been included under literature in the primary section and in Social Studies and Science in higher primary section and secondary sections. Such lessons have been included in all the schools of the State since 1986.
  • In non-formal sector, meetings, seminars, workshops, public debates etc. have been organized regularly throughout the State since 1986. Till date, more than 1555 such programmes have been organised by the Board. Besides these, more than 1,45,000 primary and secondary school teachers have been trained in this line.
  • The World Environment Day has been organized every year with programmes of tree plantation, cleanliness drive, essay and art competition among children, public meetings, distribution of leaflets, booklets on environment etc. Such programmes have been taken up every year in all the district headquarters, other important places, schools and colleges in collaboration with 82 active branches of the Assam Science Society in the State.
  • Bilingual(English and Assamese) booklets and leaflets on 'Man and Environment', scientific collection and disposal of municipal solid wastes, automobile pollution problem, problem of the ozone layer, importance of the theme of World Environment Day etc. have been regularly published and widely distributed throughout the State.
  • A quarterly 16 page bilingual (English and Assamese) [PARIVESH BATORI] environmental newsletter has been published since 1990 and the same have been distributed throughout the State and outside.
  • Liaison and collaboration have also been made with various environmental programmes launched by other organisations in the State from time to time.
  • Arrangement and participation of discussion /talk in Doordarshan and Radio on various environmental issues.
  • Publication of popular articles and news items in daily newspapers of the State.
  • Participation in various environmental programmes launched by the Government of Assam, Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India and Central Pollution Control Board, Delhi